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A, after-sales service hotline, telephone: 0755 23702092, sat down on duty service time is: Monday to six at 8:30-18:00;

Second, the self as of the date of the finished product outbound, guarantee period is 13 months, warranty fault machine free replacement new motherboard;

Three logistics costs, repair: belong to the warranty period shall be borne by both sides when sending a mail cost; Beyond the warranty period or artificial reason damage, bear the cost of the return back and forth by the customer;

Four, after-sale repair time limit: from the date of receipt within three working days to repair from our company sent to the customer;

Five, belong to one of the following circumstances, does not belong to the warranty scope, need to pay maintenance:

1, more than warranty period;

2, without our authorization, without authorization, remove or repair damaged;

3, into the water, flooding, broken, or printed circuit board burned;

4, due to the improper installation, use and maintenance, keeping the damage;

5, in use process caused by the product shell, display screen (lens), built-in antenna or other components damaged;

6, the product inside the IMEI number torn to or obscure;

7, do not tally with the product model of the warranty certificate or proof of warranty by alter;

8, the damage is caused due to force majeure;

Such release charge: customer repairing machine does not belong to the warranty scope, according to the actual change of components, materials and maintenance costs.