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TK200AM Long Standby Asset GPS Tracker

TK200AM 2-3 Years Standby GPS Tracker

Size:66*52*36 mm

◇ GPS/WIFI/LBS multi-tracking

◇ Real time Tracking Only for Urgent purpose

◇ 3000mah battery can standby 2 years based on per day update one location.

◇ Powerful 3M Sticker for Installation

Cooperate with monitoring platform or mobile phone can obtain the vehicle position information, help enterprise to monitoring and tracking of vehicles, effectively solve the enterprise in the installment sale, financing leasing and credit guarantee business capital risk problem.

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TK200AM long standby Gps tracker



1) Standby 3 years & Real Time Tracking 2 days

Ø  Default 24 hours standby mode(LBS & WiFi tracking)may not accurate for consuming less battery purpose.

Ø  Only switch Real time tracking mode when urgent using, it will consume battery within 2 days can’t recharge any more.

2) Anti-Tamper Alarm

Ø  Please remove protective film at back case if need this function. Device will send alarm to APP once device be removed.

3) Swicth Working mode from APP or SMS command

Ø  【Factory default mode】: Update location at every 24 hrs, it can standby 3 year.

Ø  【Real time mode】Updating location at every 1minute. Last 2 day only.

Real time mode will drain battery fast. Only use for urgent real time tracking (Not-Rechargeable battery)